Friday, July 19, 2013

the Eurospy Subbed 4 Deaf Project.

As a deaf person, I am amazed and thankful at how much television and movies are subtitled for the deaf. There seems like there is no end to the captions and subtitles. Sometimes I wonder why even some media are captioned, as if I wonder if anyone watches it at all. As a film-maker and artist, my tastes tend to lead towards the esoteric, exotic, and rare, far from the mainstream. So, I jump for joy like a kid in kindergarten hearing the bell for recess when I discover the Euro Spy films of the 60's culture. What an amazing culture! WOW! How so cool!
I realize, that most of all these films, if not all, are dubbed in english, with no subtitles. Even worse, is that these films are unpopular and are hard to obtain in our media-hungry world, it baffles me. Sure, most people don't like explotation films but they do have a cult following.

So, Ill be spending money out of my own pocket as well as out of sponsors, to acquire Euro Spy films, get volunteers and friends to watch them, write down the dialogue script, then I subtitle them, and then upload them onto youtube for the deaf community to watch. A fine project, but expensive, as there were hundreds of amazing Euro Spy movies made around the world in the other-worldy Sixties era. Furthermore, other amazing explotation movies that are not subbed will also be subbed and uploaded on this channel.

Please, if you wish to donate, email me at and put "EurospySubbed4Deaf" in the heading and Ill link you to paypal.

In the meanwhile, here is the Eurospy Subbed for Deaf" Playlist on Youtube.

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